Azur lane gems

This article is about Akashi's Shop. If you want to see the article about Shiranui's Shop, see Shiranui's Shop. Also see the Exchange Shop. Akashi's Shop is where players primarily use gems, the premium currency of Azur Lane. Here gems can be purchased and spent on various items, packages, and Skins. It can be accessed via the shop button on the lower left of the home screen. It can also be accessed by a similar button found in the Supply Shop. Here the player can purchase ship Skins.

Skins that are available for a limited time will show the remaining days. Skins that feature Live2D or change the home screen to a themed background will have respective icons denoting as such. Bear in mind that purchasing the skins will not include the characters themselves.

azur lane gems

Here gems can be purchased using real world currency. Purchasing a bundle for the first time will double the amount of gems, and this deal is applied independently to each bundle.

This bonus is refreshed during the server anniversary. After this bonus has been consumed, a lower bonus applies depending on which pack is purchased. The Trade License can be purchased again starting one week before it would run out, extending its duration by another 30 days. Here the player can purchase various supply packages using real money or gems. In addition to these, the player can buy Oil directly by tapping the Oil counter at the top of the screen.

A maximum of 16 oil purchases can be done every day.

azur lane gems

The cost to buy oil start at 50 Gems, doubling every 3nd, then 7th, and finally the 11th times purchased.The premium currency in Azur Lane is gems. You can obtain gems by playing the game, completing missions, etc. Because of the scarcity and value of gems in the game, you should not just spend gems on whatever. The short answer is that you should spend gems on upgrades that can only be acquired by spending gems. These upgrades include dorm room slots, a third academy slot, deck expansion, ring packs, and skins if you want to change the look of ships.

There are a couple of things you can purchase in Azur Lane exclusively with gems, all of which are extremely valuable because they ultimately improve the strength of your fleet. Here are all the things you should consider spending your gems on, as well as why their worth their price. The first thing you should consider buying with your gems is more slots in the Dorm. You can access your Dorm by pressing the HQ button in the bottom menu of the lobby screen and then selecting Dorm.

azur lane gems

In your Dorm, you can assign ships to hang out, which makes them earn exp passively. All you have to do for them to earn exp is to make sure there are supplies for them. To add new supplies, press the Supplies button in the bottom left corner and select a snack to give them.

You can see how long your current supplies will last on the timer in the supplies menu. Throughout the entire time supplies last, all ships assigned to your Dorm will earn exp. Leveraging the Dorm is an excellent way to train your ships and will make sure you always wake up to a lot of fresh exp for your ships. In the beginning, your Dorm only has two slots, which means you can only assign two ships at a time. However, you can unlock more slots under the Train button by spending gems.

The second thing you should consider spending your gems on is more dock space. By default, you have a dock capacity ofwhich means you can hold ships. This is plenty of space early on in the game, but as you progress and rake up duplicates for upgrades, etc.

To purchase more dock capacity, go to the shop by pressing the Shop button in the bottom left corner of the lobby and select the Items category. Here you can purchase Dock Expansions for gems each, which increases your dock capacity by There are lots of different resources to collect in Azur Lane, all of which are useful for some purposes. As some resources are more important than others for progress, many players specifically farm those besides regular grind.

More details on how to get every single resource below. The premium currency in Azur Lane is gems. You can buy extremely valuable items with gems, including extra dock capacity, dorm slots, and rings. There are only a few ways to get gems in Azur Lane besides purchasing them directly.

The Trick to Getting Gems - Azur Lane

The main way to get gems in the game is by completing missions that give them as a reward. Specifically, missions that ask you to acquire 3 stars on a particular stage are the ones that give gems.

You can see your current mission by pressing the Missions button on the home screen. You can find your commissions in the stage selection screen by pressing the Commission button in the bottom menu. The last way to get gems without paying is by collecting Bands in the Memento. You can access the Memento by pressing the Memento button in the right-side menu on the home screen.

Here you can collect Bands, which are collections of specific ships and claim rewards for doing so. Many of the rewards for collecting Bands are gems. Oil is arguably the single most important resource in Azur Lane. Luckily, there are several different ways to get your hands on some more oil. Several missions give oil as a reward, including daily missions, which are all easy to complete.

Therefore, we recommend you always do your dailies to get oil. As oil is a common resource in Azur Lane, you can also get it from commissions, login events, and level-up events, and retiring ships. Another way to get oil fast in the game is by taking advantage of current events. Oil is almost always included in event rewards and the event shop. You can find the current events on the home screen right above the Battle button or by pressing the Exchange button on the home screen as well.

The event shop is located under the Event tab in the Munition. Here you can exchange event currency for all sorts of items and resources, including oil. The main way to get new ships in Azur Lane is by building them, which costs wisdom cubes. Therefore, wisdom cubes are sought after as getting new ships is not only fun and has the potential to replace a current ship, but also increases the power of your current fleet through enhancing and limit breaks.

You can learn more about wisdom cubes and how to get ships in general in our guide on how to get ships in Azur Lane.Once a shipgirl reaches affection, it's possible to marry them by offering a Ring of Promise.

Azur Lane Affection Guide - Everything You Need To Know About How To Raise Shipgirl Affinity

Players receive a Ring of Promise as a one-time quest reward for maxing a shipgirl's affection. Additional Rings of Promise can be purchased from Akashi 's shop for Affection is the meter used to measure how a shipgirl feels towards the player.

Shipgirls will also gain stat bonuses as their affection increases and determines what lines they speak in the Dock. In this case, Ajax's affection is 90 out ofthus unable to be married. It does however tell you how close you are, as she has a pink heart she is rather close to maxing out. Tapping it will bring up a confirmation screen. The confirmation screen will ask if you want to use the Ring of Promise on the girl and informing you her maximum stats will receive a bonus.

Once you tap Confirm, you'll be taken to the marriage ceremony and then presented with a marriage certificate that includes the date of marriage. This marriage certificate can be viewed whenever you check that ship's affection.

The ship's default name has already been entered, but you can enter the name of your choice and accept or decline the ship's new name. Players will have to wait 30 days to change the ship's name again. The changed name, as well as the other visual effects of a married ship are visible in PVP and if she's set as your secretary ship. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Categories :. Cancel Save. Requires a Ring of Promise.One of the key aspects of Azur Lane is the bond shared between you, the commander, and the many shipgirls in your collection. While on the surface this may be nothing more than a quirk that tons of players will find strangely appealing, there is great value in increasing your shipgirls affinity thanks to the healthy boost in stats it adds.

The higher your affection status is, the better the bonuses the shipgirl gains. It should be noted that Pledge Rings are bought with Gems, which are bought with real-world currency.

There are instances when the game will give out free Gems, so if you really want an Oath for a shipgirl it is possible even without spending money. That said, at some point during playing, the game will give you a free Pledge Ring to use with any possible shipgirl.

There are three main ways to raise shipgirl affinity, but all of them are a bit grindy, so be prepared. Stay tuned for more guides on Azur Lane. You can also check out a cost-effective low-level farming guide for materials and resources here.

Check out this guide on how to raise shipgirl affinity in Azur Lane. IJN Akagi. Newly-acquired shipgirls start off at Stranger. Photo: Yostar. IJN Fubuki at Friendly status. USS Saratoga at Crush status. USS Baltimore at Love status. Join the Discussion.

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Akashi's Shop

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azur lane gems

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Older posts.Azur Lane Dorm Guide. September 02, Because most modifications to the dorm in Azur Lane involve gems and therefore often real money, we made this guide to discuss how the dorm system works and what can you expect from each unlock as a new player.

Gaining ship affection and decor tokens - ships occasionally have speech bubbles of heart or decor tokens. Clicking on these popups will increase affection for the ship or gain you decor tokens. Furniture are purchased with decor tokens. They serve to increase the happiness score on top right. The higher the happiness score, the more EXP your ships you gain per hour. Click on the face on the top right to view your EXP buff from furnitures.

But an update made it so that the happiness score is automatically calculated based on maximum theoretical placement of furnitures. Therefore you can decorate the room the way you like it, without having to worry about hurting your happiness score. Furnitures are purchased with decor tokens or gems.

The girls in the dorm sometimes give you decor tokens. You pick them up by clicking on their coin speech bubbles.

The boxed part shows the EXP gain of the ship per hour. The rate is determined your happiness score and multiple other factors. EXP is gained by consuming food that you fill in the food bar. If you plan to take advantage of the dorm leveling feature, it is not a wise idea to deliberately suppress your player level by using only minimal 2-ship farming fleets.

Happiness score, as mentioned before, is the comfort rating from furnitures on the top right of your dorm screen. These include curry, royal gourmet and full course. They offer EXP buff in addition of having the normal function as food. Ship number multiplier is the decreasing per ship gain of exp with increasing number of ships in the dorm, explained by the chart below: As you can see, the EXP gain PER SHIP decreases the more ships you have in the dorm.

However, you are still leveling multiple ships at a slightly decreased efficiency. For the same amount of food consumption, you usually get a higher TOTAL exp gain across multiple ships. You can reference the food consumption chart later in the guide to do your own calculations.

FYI, first floor starts with 2 ship slots. Three more can be added by spending gems.

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